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Chris Lujan “Leave the Gun, Take the Tacos” 45

Chris Lujan “Leave the Gun, Take the Tacos” 45

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Drop the needle on this record and get ready to nod heavy. This ain't no joke. It's a warning. Chris Lujan just hit you with three instrumental/cinematic soul masterpieces.

BANG! Side A "Leave The Gun, Take The Tacos" starts off like a real Italian Horror soundtrack and gives way to some heavy cinematic Spaghetti Western sounds. This one features Ray Jacildo (Aaron Frazer/The Black Keys and quickly becoming Chris Lujan's go-to guy) on Hammond organ, Mellotron, and electric Harpsichord, Michael Reed (Call Sender/Secret Sidewalk) on drums, the Black Diamond Rhythm Band horns, Erik Mekkelson on tenor sax, Dan Schulman on trombone. The rest of the sounds are all Chris Lujan.

Side B features two short incidental music cues that are ready-made for your feature film. Hey, Quen-fin Tarantino, are you listening? "We Delivery" is straight Isaac Hayes through the eyes of Chris Lujan, who wrote and played every instrument on this track. "Blood On The Asphalt" features the members of The M-Tet (Joe Baer Magnant, Gary Pitman, Michael Reed) and was recorded at the same session that gave birth to their Total Nonstop Action LP. Vibraphone was later added by Chris Lujan at Kelly Finnigan's Transistor Sound Studios.

Limited edition 250 Blue Raspberry, 175 OG Black. No repress.

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